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Learning a new language can be a huge commitment but the latest online learning technology allows flexibility where students learn and how they learn. Our online classes can be for individuals or for small groups. Lessons can be tailored to suit individual needs or that of the companies that they work for. As an example, one of the most popular reasons for starting is a relocation to China with work and we can tailor the teaching to the relevant industry. In addition to this, students will have access to online resources so that they can practise what they have learnt in the lesson.
Learning Chinese on a tablet


Learning Chinese online allows you flexibility in time and location. All you will need for this is access to the internet, either through a laptop, desktop or tablet and the lesson can be scheduled to fit around you and your working life. The teacher will tailor your learning to your own specific goals or that of your company. Lessons can either be more language focused or a more blended approach to useful language for you specific industry, as well as an insight into Chinese culture and business.


Online lessons can be conducted in small groups or to individuals. Each group will be of the same level and focusing on the same outcome. Group sessions also give you an opportunity to communicate with your peers, and practise your speaking activities with other students. Individual lessons will allow you to focus your learning solely on your learning objectives, for example; learning at a fast pace to achieve a qualification, or if you are planning to go to China and would like to learn more about the culture and the basics of the language.  

Online Resources

Online learning will allow students to engage in an exciting and informative way with the best Chinese teachers. Our teachers follow a well-defined curriculum which leads to nationally recognised qualifications. Lessons will be conducted in conjunction with our online homework and activities, allowing your teacher to track your progress within lessons and in your own time. We cater to a wide range of Chinese exams such as the ISEB, YCT, GCSE and HSK

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