A groundbreaking way to learn Chinese online


DragonsConnect enables all schools to start learning Mandarin Chinese online in small groups  with excellent, trained teachers regardless of location.

There are 2 parts:

  1.  a traditional class is split into small groups of 5-8 students, who are taught by two online teachers, teaching concurrently thereby ensuring full class coverage.
  2. Dragons has developed an Online Learning Platform which will engage the students and which also monitors their progress.

DragonsConnect is a truly groundbreaking way for full class groups to learn Mandarin Chinese online. It offers quality teaching, flexibility and a high level of engagement, all at an affordable price to the school.

See DragonsConnect in action!

The benefits of DragonsConnect

Pupils with headsets learning Chinese on our online learning platform


Pupils have shown high levels of engagement when learning online in small groups and supported by an Online Learning Platform.

One of our teachers in the middle of one of his lessons


The course allows full tracking of pupil progress and provides data/metrics for reporting purposes. The course is fully aligned to recognised primary and secondary school curriculums.

Some students with their hands up

New Language

Study of the world’s most spoken language, combined with cultural studies – students are able to gain invaluable cultural knowledge whilst simultaneously advancing in Mandarin Chinese.

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Clients and testimonials

DragonsConnect has been running in UK primary and secondary schools since September 2018. High quality teaching, ongoing flexibility and alignment to busy timetables readily available IT and a forward thinking mentality have made DragonsConnect a huge success, making Mandarin Chinee accessible nationwide. More recently, Dragons Teaching has started an online teaching programme with Alibaba.com across 5 regional offices.

Here are some recent testimonials from a range of different online teaching customers.

“I’m delighted to hear that the session went so well. A big thank you to the IT team and to everyone else involved. It’s great to see our pupils enjoying learning Mandarin.”

Anne Lynch, Headteacher, The Royal School, Haslemere


“The online teaching went very smoothly. Dragons Teaching sent over all of the details regarding the setup. The staff were friendly, organised and knew exactly what they were doing.”

D McNicholls, Head of IT,
The Mall School, Surrey


“This year we have deepened our cooperation with Dragons Teaching, extending the support of Chinese learning to the entire Alibaba European office, and
we started the online learning model.”

Luo Jiajing, Human Resources Alibaba.com, London Office


What now? How can our school start DragonsConnect?
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How it works

DragonsConnect works just like a normal teacher-led lesson at school but is conducted online.
2 teachers online simultaneously
• Classes are split into 4 equal working groups for effective learning
• 2 groups spend the first half of the class with the teacher; 2
others groups on our bespoke Online Learning Platform (OLP). The groups then switch half way through the class.

Live online class
The focus is to develop the students’ speaking and listening skills. During the class, students are taught through a virtual classroom which maximises student interaction: students can speak, answer questions, and raise their hands just as they would in class, but the virtual classroom also includes features such as interactive whiteboards and quizzes.

Online Learning Platform (OLP)
Students progress through engaging online activities on our OLP. The platform is aligned exactly to the live online class so that students reinforce their knowledge. The focus is to help students memorise vocabulary and Chinese characters, as well as to better understand Mandarin grammar and cultural points. The platform measures and remembers each student’s progress for the duration of the course. Content is delivered through diverse media, including video and interactive games and quizzes. Students receive badges and other awards to reflect their effort and progress.

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See our teachers in action

DragonsConnect provides only the best Mandarin teachers to UK schools. The majority of them are currently teaching/have taught Mandarin in British or international schools and therefore fully appreciate the focus on quality, engagement and reporting on an ongoing basis.

Our teachers are a mixture of native – Chinese and Taiwanese mainly – and non-native teachers, all of whom speak fluent Mandarin. Given the online nature of the delivery, our teachers are physically located all over the world!

They all have first-hand experience teaching online and have undergone rigorous background checks to ensure safeguarding and professional delivery.

Our courses

Chinese class in the school's IT suite

DragonsConnect offers a range of exciting courses, which cater for students from Year 5 upwards. Our courses are run as follows:

Prep and primary schools short courses: a great addition to a Post 11+ and 13+ exam enrichment programme in the spring and summer terms. The courses are fully flexible and aligned with your leavers’ enrichment timetable.

 Secondary school full year curriculum study: the online programme is perfect for students who wish to start as beginners and progress all the way to GCSE. Small group teaching, full flexibility and integrated teaching materials.

Dragons ensures that all our DragonsConnect courses are a creative mixture of both modern Chinese language and cultural teaching.

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Online Learning Platform (OLP)

The DragonsConnect OLP, built exclusively by Dragons Teaching, contains videos and activities which introduce grammar, vocabulary, and culture, and help the students learn and memorise Mandarin words.

The activities range from simple matching games to activities which require reading or listening to passages. Through these activities, students will become familiar with spoken and written Mandarin. The structure of the platform includes a dashboard which shows the student’s progress, awards, and their next recommended activity.

Each game will draw upon the vocabulary that the student has encountered; the games use algorithms that ensure words that the student has difficulty remembering will reappear more often later in the game. 

Click on the image below to learn more about the OLP

Screenshot of our online learning platform dashboard
Three of our learn Chinese games

Play Chinese language games

Our OLP provides lots of colourful and fun Chinese language games to enhance the learning experience. Students love the games and find they give that extra boost to motivation that can sometimes be needed when learning a new language.

IT & set-up


Practicing writing Chinese characters on a tablet

DragonsConnect runs with around 30 students per class. The only requirements are:

• Broadband connection
• 1 x PC/Mac/iPad per student
• 1 x headphone with mic per student
• A member of school staff to supervise the class

We work with both Adobe Connect and Zoom to deliver the classes via the internet. It is simple to set-up and the students quickly grasp the online nature of the delivery.

DragonsConnect will give the teacher and all students a shared webcam view to create the interactive online teaching half of the lesson. For access to the Online Learning Platform (the second part of the lesson), students need simply log-in to www.dragonsconnect.com with their password to complete the interactive games and activities.

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